Executive Team

Monte Johnson - President

Monte Johnson started his professional career working in startups such as NetLine, and Electronic Technologies Corporation (engineering consulting) prior to working at Novell. He founded and ran Nocturnal Engineering, providing engineering consulting services over the course of 10 years. He became involved with IntelliServ (a down-hole oil and gas drill bit networking company) when it was a startup of 35 people developing a concept and helped grow the engineering department into a team of 97 employees by the time he left. Monte enjoys how his direct contributions make a meaningful difference every day.

David L. Crismon

Dave Crismon worked within startups such as Nocturnal Engineering and GeoDiscovery prior to TrailMods. He leveraged that experience into becoming a startup founder at VüZ. VüZ deployed one of the first city-wide mobile wireless video networks (enabling remote video monitoring within targeted crime zones) in partnership with the LA Police Department. Dave eventually pivoted to leverage his passion for off-road 4-wheeling by founding TrailMods. Dave is currently helping develop TrailMods manufacturing capabilities but will direct his focus to Sales and Marketing as manufacturing is more stable.

David Pixton

David Pixton worked his way through the “startup to exit” process while at Novatek. He was key in starting the IntelliServ project – a means of networked communication with down-hole drill bits improving oil and gas drilling operations. While at IntelliServ, he was instrumental managing Department of Energy funding for the project, identifying and signing a joint development partner, and ultimately participating in the exit sale to GrantPrideco. David is an excellent mechanical engineer and manages his engineering team to move TrailMods products from concept to manufacturable designs.